The Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean

The French side is concentrating on European cuisine,
mainly French and Italian, as well as Antillean cooking.
Most of its fine restaurants are in Grand Case, the
“Gourmet Capital” of the Caribbean. Excellent dining
is also possible in Marigot, the capital of the French
island part, especially around the Marina Royale, at
the Orient Village of Orient Bay, and at Nettle Bay. 

Some of the top restaurants are almost hidden in
secluded areas, for example the restaurant at the
Le Samanna Hotel, or the the Soleluna Restaurant
on the way to Mont Vernon. Other places are
known for their exceptional setting, such as
the Loterie Farm, or the unique location of
Captain Oliver’s, where you enter the
restaurant from the French part, and
eat on the Dutch part of the island on
a ponton construction.


Grand Case

Grand Case can be described as scenic,
charming, picturesque, laid-back, casual
and spectacular!

About 30 years ago, it was a sleepy fishing
village. Today, it is reputed as the Gourmet
Capital of the Caribbean. No other village
or town in the Caribbean offers such a high
density of fine dining and casual eateries as
Grand Case! About two dozen restaurants
of all categories are lined up at main street,
either between the beach and the street
with great terrace seating and terrific views,
or on the other side of the street. For many
island visitors, the Grand Case restaurants are
the reason why they come back to St. Martin
again and again, year after year! 

The former fish market is converted to a food
market, where barbecues and open air kitchens
serve amazingly good food at low prices. The
local people call them “Lolos” and it is a must to
enjoy the very special atmosphere at sunset with
views on beach and sea.

Our website presents a directory
of restaurants in the French island part