Everything – from simple open air bars to fine dining restaurants

Sint Maarten has so many restaurants of all flavors and for all tastes. The price range spans from low cost food stands along the road and diner like eatin gplaces to top notch restaurants with highly decorated chefs. Some restaurants are part of a Casino complex. Nobody has to do without American food, if preferred, as the well known fast food places are represented by franchisees on St. Maarten. 

Regardless on which side of the island you are accommodated, make sure to visit restaurants on both sides of the island! Explore the French gastronomy, but pay also a visit to the large choice of restaurants on ‘Dutch’ St Maarten. Mainly in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay, there is a broad range of cooking styles and ethnic food to choose from. Besides French,and Italian food, you will find American, Mexican, Argentinean, Indian, Indonesian, Surinamese, Japanese, Chinese, Créole and Antillean cuisine. Many of them are in a beautiful setting at the waterfront of Great Bay, Simpson Bay Lagoon or the Maho Reef.

When it comes to bars and entertainment places, the Dutch side offers quite a bit of entertainment, especially more at nights than the French side. After dinner, there are plenty of places, on Dutch St. Maarten, from bars and discotheques to Casinos and gambling places, to keep you entertained.

Our website www.sint-maarten.net presents a directory of restaurants in the Dutch island part