World of sailing – Racing around the island

The 35th edition of the Heineken Regatta

For over 30 years, the Heineken Regatta has created its reputation of “Serious Fun”.
A regatta during a long weekend, March 5th through 8th 2015, gathers sailing fans for an entire weekend of fun.
The biggest names in sailing confront each other in friendly races, in a pleasant atmosphere where good beer never runs out.
Each year, three hundred boats, from family cruisers to racing prototypes meet for this event.

Throughout the weekend, from anywhere on the island if you look towards the sea, you will see dozens of colorful majestic boats sailing along the waves directed by numerous of professional skippers. The Heineken Regatta punctuates the frenzied pace of races and regattas throughout the year by its share of pleasure and fin. 

It’s an opportunity for friends to meet and share emotions between racing and pleasure.

And its party time on the island, at night after the races have finished.