Great Deals on Vacation Rentals

Bargains by lower Rates or added Value

The increased competition has led to a wide range of marketing motions, either by slasing rates, or adding additional value. Bargain hunters find multiple offers for saving money off-season (May to mid-December). In high season, you may find some discounts for cancelled weeks. Or an introductory offer for a new property/owner gives a chance for stretching the travel budget.

Shopping for any product or service requires that you look on the value proposition, too. There are some properties without any discounts/slashed rates, which provide better value at its regular low rates than other promoted properties with before inflated rates.

The tabs in this section have some overlap:

 Promotions   properties, which offer free extras, such as free night(s), free rental car, etc.

 Lower Rates   properties, which recently reduced their rates

 Discounts   properties, which offer a discount, either time limited or depending on certain citeria, e.g. last minute booking or early booking discount